Practicing at Evergreen CC

Practicing is one of the great privileges of being a member of Evergreen Curling Club in Portland, OR.  Visit the club and have fun training and improving your skills.   Practice is free with your membership, so take advantage of it! With as little as 30 minutes of practice per week you can improve enough to make more shots, win more games and have more fun. You just need to find a practice session, use your practice time efficiently and be a good citizen while keeping the ECC facility in top shape.

Join an Existing Practice Session

If the ECC calendar shows that a practice session is scheduled, then read the calendar event for the practice session and contact the session’s host to see if there will be any empty space during the practice session.  You should be able to find the host’s contact information in the online ECC Membership Directory which is viewable in the members-only section of the ECC website.   Help the practice session host to keep the facility in good shape during the session.

Create a New Practice Session

If the ECC calendar shows that the ice is open, and you want to reserve the ice for practice, then click here and fill out the ice time request form.   This will send email to the Calendar Skip (currently Elaine Smith-Koop, calendarskip@) who will add your session to the calendar along with your name. She will also send you a guidelines document explaining everything you need to know to be a practice session host.

During your Practice Session

Don’t practice alone. Make sure that somebody else is in the ice house with you in case of emergency.

Usually you will not need to do any ice maintenance.   Only pebble, nip, rack, etc. the ice if you are trained and cleared by the iceops crew. If you alter the ice at all, then send an email to iceops@ so that they can adjust ice maintenance activities accordingly.

ECC provides “hack protector” boxes, located near each hack. Put one in place around your sheet’s far hack to protect it from damage by curling stones and to protect the ice and stones from damage caused by hitting the hack.  Remove all hack protectors from hacks when not in use because if they sit on the ice for many hours then they will damage the ice around the hacks.

Practice time can be a good time to introduce new people to curling. If you bring a non-member onto the ice to teach them, then have them sign a waiver online, take responsibility for them, and help them to be successful and safe.

Mop and sweep your sheet after practice. Return all equipment to its proper storage place.   Clean up any messes.   Move stray curling equipment to lost-and-found.

Help the practice session host to close the facility properly.    They might need help with cleaning, turning off lights (check bathrooms for lights), turning down the heat, locking doors, tidying up messes, rearranging chairs, etc.

If you notice anything odd or unusual, then notify the practice session host and if needed call the numbers posted near the telephone.   In case of emergency, dial 911.    If anything gets damaged during your session, or if you have any suspicions, questions or suggestions, then send email to iceops@

Most of all, be a good citizen, have fun and enjoy developing your skills!


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